Living a healthy, happy life is all about finding the right balance. We all know how important a well-balanced diet is to keep our body clean, lean, and disease-free. But that’s not the only key to a happy, healthy life. Here’s how to find nutritional, physical, and mental balance to feel happy and healthy.


10 Amazing Tips For A Healthy Life


1.      Keep Active

Regular exercise is crucial to maintaining optimal overall health, but don’t overdo it. For most people, around 30 minutes a day (or 3 longer sessions throughout the week) will do the trick. Your body needs its rest as well, so trying to squeeze a daily 60-90 minute workout into your already busy day may have an adverse effect.

And it’s not only important to keep your body active, but your brain also needs daily challenges as well. Reading, doing a puzzle or playing a game are great ways to keep your brain active and improve memory.

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2.      Drink Plenty of Water

Our body is one big bag of water. To make sure it keeps running smooth and unwanted chemicals or substances get filtered out it is important to drink plenty of water during the day. However, avoid to get it from fizzy drinks, energy drinks or other sugary juices or drinks, they add tons of added sugars and empty calories to your diet.


3.      Avoid Processed Foods and Read Food Labels

Be aware of what you put in your mouth. Processed foods are often enriched with unhealthy fats, salt, and sugar to improve their taste. Mainly, eat nutritious, whole, plant-based foods packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and healthy fats. And if buying something processed make sure to read the labels and opt for the most natural and organic products.

An excellent way to help you cut out unhealthy foods is to up your intake of fresh nutrient-dense foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies. Eventually, all the good stuff will rule out the bad. Cook wholesome meals at home from scratch. Only then you have complete control of what goes in them.


4.      Do Not Exclude Food Groups Unless…

Unless you are allergic, intolerant, vegetarian, or vegan, there is no need to exclude certain food groups from your diet. It’s all about finding balance and eat certain foods like dairy, grains, and lean meats in moderation.


5.      Eat a Rainbow of Colors

Fill your plate with fresh whole foods with the colors of a rainbow. Different colors provide various types of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and happy.


Find more tips for a healthy life below!!!


6.      Do Not Skip Meals

Your body needs wholesome food at regular times to stay energized and build and repair cells and tissue. And if you thought skipping meals will help you to lose weight, you couldn’t be more of the truth. Your body needs food to keep your fat-burning mechanisms going. It’s all about what you put in your mouth, not how much.


7.      Make Healthy Swaps

Be creative. You can still eat delicious food without the addition of mayonnaise, salt,  sugar, refined grains or other unhealthy stuff.

Here are a few of my favorite swaps:

  • Mayonnaise -> mashed avocado with lime and black pepper or mango mayonnaise
  • Cereals -> rolled or steel-cut oats, homemade granola, or quinoa
  • Jam -> raw chia seed jams
  • Overly processed grains -> brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, or amaranth
  • Sugar -> pitted dates, banana, or cinnamon
  • Potato chips -> kale or other veggie chips
  • Potato mash -> cauliflower mash
  • Sour cream -> cashew cream
  • Soda -> infused waters or homemade fizzy ginger ale
  • Vegetable oil -> coconut oil

… and actually, these healthy swaps taste better.


8.      Stay Social

So we covered a lot of nutrition tips to stay on top of your health, but mind and body are strongly connected. Social interactions have shown tremendous effects on our health and happiness. So once in a while venture into the world and meet up with friends and family for a drink or a great night out.

And smile as often as you can!!!


9.      Sleep

During our sleep or body regenerates and heals, so make sure to get your daily beauty sleep. Aim for 8 hours of sleep a day. Some people will need a bit more others will do just fine with 7 hours only.

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10.    Stress Less and Relax

But not only is enough zzz-time essential for our health, finding the time to unwind and relax is equally important. Create some daily YOU-time where you take the time to lay down the stresses of the day. Restorative or Yin yoga, reading a book, going for a walk with your dog, watching a movie, take a long bath, spending time with family…. Your options are endless, but make sure it is something you enjoy doing.


A healthy and happy life is all about finding the perfect nutritional, mental, and physical balance. You still can have your cheat days and devour a big piece of chocolate cake or skip your workout regime, but treasure those moments and don’t make them a daily habit.


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Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



Amy Goodrich

Amy Goodrich


Crazy cat lady, life and food lover, certified biologist, and holistic health coach.

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