In our modern society painkillers, like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin, are widely overused to soothe chronic pain. Although they are good at fighting inflammation, they don’t get down to the root of the problem and can cause liver failure and damage to the intestines when used over longer periods.

Luckily there are many natural ways to relieve you from your aches and pains without adding more harmful chemicals to your body. Let nature be the cure!


Top 15 Natural Painkillers


1.      Turmeric For Chronic Pain

Turmeric has been used for ages to soothe pain. It is said that turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties work better than aspirin or any other over-the-counter remedy to fight pain. Turmeric improves circulation, detoxifies your body, boost immunity, and repairs damaged tissue.

Turmeric can be added to many of your dishes or tea recipes to take its benefits. For chronic pain, it is recommended to use 1 teaspoon a day.

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2.      Ginger For Chronic Inflammation And Muscle Aches

Ginger can be used in your tea recipes, stir-fried dishes, soups, salads, desserts, and smoothies to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and stiffness of the joints.


3.      Cloves For Oral Health

Gently chewing on cloves release eugenol, which eases toothaches and gum inflammations.


4.      Aloe Vera For Skin Aches

Pure Aloe vera gel soothes skin burns, wounds, cuts, and insect bites. It can help you with heartburn and cramps.


5.      Apple Cider Vinegar To Relief Heartburn

Add 1 tbsp. to 1 cup plain water and sip slowly to relieve heartburn.

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6.      Garlic For Joint And Toothaches

Joint pain: heat 1 chopped clove of garlic in one tablespoon olive or mustard oil and apply on affected joint for quick relief.

For toothaches: crush 3 cloves with a pinch of salt and apply on the affected tooth. You could also use clove oil on a cotton swab to soothe toothaches.


7.      Cherries To Reduce Gout And Arthritis

Cherries are proven to be one of the best natural cures for eliminating gout and reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

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8.      Cinnamon For Headaches

Cinnamon improves circulation and works well to treat headaches.


Scroll down for more natural painkillers and my favorite pain-relieving chai tea recipe.


9.      Chile Peppers For Migraine, Headaches, Muscle aches, And Sore Throat

Capsaicin is a powerful pain-relieving compound found in chili peppers. Capsaicin blocks our pain signals to the brain and helps to relieve a sore throat, muscle and joint aches, and headaches. If you can bear the taste add 1 to 3 teaspoons of cayenne pepper in a glass of water to find instant relief of headaches or add it to your morning lemon water. CLICK HERE to discover why you should be drinking lemon water in the mornings.


10.  Raw Honey For Mouth Sores Or Sore Throat

The natural enzymes present in raw honey fight inflammation, kill bacteria and viruses and speed up healing. Works wonders when combined with cinnamon.


11.  White Vinegar For Bee, Wasp, Or Jelly Fish Stings

When you apply white vinegar to the sting it will neutralize the toxins and stop the pain.


12.  Peppermint For Abdominal Pain

Peppermint tea works wonders to soothe digestive disorders and abdominal pain.

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13.  Tomato Juice For Leg Cramps

A potassium deficiency is often the culprit of leg cramps. Drink 2 glasses of tomato juice a day to avoid leg cramps.


14.  Pineapple For Stomach Bloating

Having 1 cup of pineapple as a dessert works wonders on your digestive system. It prevents stomach bloating and gas.


15.  Blueberries For Urinary Tract Infections

Free radicals can cause inflammation. Blueberries are loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants that protect your body against ulcers, digestive issues, and bladder infections.


16. Bonus: Pain Relieving Ginger Chai Tea



What are your favorite natural remedies to soothe your aches and pains? Please share them with us in the comment box below.


Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



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