Health is wealth. It may be a famous quote, but it is true. Because of this, people are willing to invest time, effort, and money just to achieve optimum health. But do you really need to spend too much on expensive treatments? Read on and learn about a new way to boost your health through Cannabis Sativa L or hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds are mistakenly associated with marijuana since both come from the same species, the Cannabis family. Studies, however, show that they are not alike. Hemp seeds only contain a minimal amount of THC, or delta- 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which provides the high effect of marijuana.

Hemp seed oil or hemp hearts are a great addition to your diet. They pack a serious amount of essential nutrients, are gluten-free, and have a pleasant nutty taste – a cross somewhere between sunflower seeds and pine nuts – to can be added to many of your dishes.


How to Eat Hemp Seeds


How to eat shelled hemp seeds, aka hemp hearts:

1. Sprinkle a spoonful or two into smoothies or on top of cereal, salads, or yogurt.

2. For people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, hemp heart can be used as a substitute for Panko or breadcrumbs to coat veggie burgers, chicken or fish.

3.  Shelled hemp seeds can also be used to make hemp seed milk as an alternative to dairy milk in drinks and recipes. To enhance its nutty flavor,  dry-toast them over low heat before blending them with water to make hemp seed milk. New to make your own nut milk at home? It is super easy. Click here for a full tutorial. 


How to use hemp seed oil:

Due to its low smoking point, hemp seed oil is not a cooking or frying oil. The heat will break down its delicate omega fatty acids, stripping the oil of its nutritional benefits. Instead, use it to make salad dressings, or drizzle over pasta, grilled veggies, or popcorn.

This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t use it in many of your meals. Instead of cooking with it, use it as a finishing oil to make salad dressings, or drizzle over cooked pasta dishes, grilled veggies, or popcorn for extra flavor and added healthy fats.

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Discover the many health benefits of hemp seeds below!


Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds


#1 Nutrition Powerhouse

Hemp plants are used for industrial purposes, specifically in the northern part of the world, for it is known to be the best source of oil, fiber, meal, and much more. Its seeds have various vitamins and minerals.

A 100-gram preparation of hemp seeds gives 1.2 grams of potassium, 31.56 grams of protein, 700 milligrams of magnesium, 70 milligrams of calcium, 7.95 milligrams of iron, and 585.8 calories. Hemps hearts or seeds contain more protein and omegas and fewer carbs than the same serving of chia or flax seeds. To preserve all its nutrients, hemp seeds are best when eaten raw.


#2 Balance Hormones

The benefits of hemp seeds are not limited to heart-related issues. These seeds are also best in balancing hormones. Hemp holds a certain acid that can be found in borage oil and egg yolk. Such acid is called gamma-linolenic acid or GLA, which helps reduce hormonal imbalances.

It works in women who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome and undergoing menopausal stage. Studies have shown that women who make these seeds part of their diet – even just a gram – show reduced symptoms.

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#3 Protect Your Heart

One of the health benefits of hemp seeds is the ability to reduce the risks of having a heart attack or other heart-related disorders. Heart failure is one of the top killing illnesses in the whole world. You need to know that hemp contains a high amount of the amino acid arginine that helps our body produce nitric oxide to make our blood vessels work well.

Aside from that, it has a superb balance of omega-6 and omega-3 which promote a healthy and happy heart. The body requires a 4:1 balance and hemp seeds can do that better than flax, chia seeds, almonds, and more.


#4 Improve Digestion

Moreover, health benefits of hemp seeds include improving one’s digestion. As mentioned, hemp is rich in fiber that helps in cleansing our colon; fiber that also helps promote healthy eating habits by reducing sugar cravings.

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In addition, there are still other nutritional advantages that the seeds provide. For example, its oil can be a good remedy for skin problems; it is also a good source of protein and much more. In spite of the negative image of this organic plant because of its association with the cannabis family, its health benefits cannot be easily dismissed.

More importantly, hemp seeds do not come with harmful side effects. Maintaining good health is now easy with hemp seeds’ many health benefits and delicious taste.


Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



Amy Goodrich

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