In my previous blog post ‘Can Drinking Green Smoothies Devastate Your Health?’, I promised to talk a bit more about the importance of rotating your greens and how you should do it.


3 Reasons Why You Should Rotate Your Greens


  • To keep things interesting

Drinking the same green smoothie for weeks gets a little boring. Rotating the greens in your smoothies will keep it exciting, and you’ll be more likely to stick to this healthy habit of gulping down a delicious, nutrient-dense drink a day.


  • Variety of nutrients

Different greens have different amounts of nutrients and health benefits. By rotating your greens, you’ll get a more balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients to feed your body and keep it healthy.


  • Avoid overdose of anti-nutrients

The third and maybe the most important reason to rotate your greens is that all leafy greens contain small amounts of toxins or anti-nutrients as a defense mechanism to preserve the species. If you don’t have a pre-existing condition like thyroid issues or kidney stones then it is unlikely you’ll ever experience any adverse side effects from eating loads of leafy greens. As long as you don’t go crazy on these greens, and eat them in reasonable amounts. And by reasonable amounts, I  mean not eating more than 3 bunches of bok choy or kale a day.


How To Rotate Your Greens?


To get the most out of your rotation system, it is recommended to switch between different plant families. Greens from the same family have similar DNA, nutrients, and toxins or anti-nutrients. By rotating between the various families you’ll prevent toxin build-up, and you’ll be feeding your body with a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial phytonutrients.

To help you make the most out of your rotating system, I’ve made a chart of all my favorite greens and I divided them into family groups.

Start with rotating your greens on a weekly basis. For instance, buy spinach one week and for the week after you might buy kale or any other leafy green you like out of a different family. When you’re used to this system, rotate 2 greens from different families in one week and pick two others for the next week.



What About The Fruit? Should You Rotate These As Well?


Fruits are not much of an issue because the fruit is the way plants spread their seeds into the world. So there is no point in adding chemicals to stop the spreading of seeds as this helps the plant to survive.

The leaves or greens, however, are more important, when a herbivore eats all the leaves the plant basically dies.There are only a few fruits like soursop and cherimoya that contain small amounts of anti-nutrients and shouldn’t be eaten every day.

But like mentioned above rotating your greens and fruits will keep things interesting, and you’ll get the full spectrum of nutrients. Don’t be scared to try them all out. Some of your recipes will taste better than others, but it beats the heck out of drinking the same green smoothie over and over again.


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Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



Amy Goodrich

Amy Goodrich


Crazy cat lady, life and food lover, certified biologist, and holistic health coach.

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