Have you ever gone out of town, with your itinerary and activities in mind and forget that food is essential to one’s well-being? Most likely, you ended up getting take-out or drive-thru fast food while on the road and munching on chips and junk food while on the wheel. Staying healthy even while you are traveling is essential to keeping a sound body and a sound mind. Here are five tips on eating healthy while traveling:


5 Easy Eating Healthy While Traveling Tips and Tricks


1. Remember: Water is king!

This is basic knowledge for all backpackers and travelers. Having your own bottle of water is necessary before going outside. Drinking an abundant amount of H2O hydrates your body, aids your digestion and helps you crave less of those junk foods while on the road. Water is the answer to any thirst after drinking sugary lattes or soft drinks.

Water is key to any health-related endeavor. So always remember to pack that bottle of life! Water is the start to eating healthy while traveling!

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2. Never forget your glow foods

Fruits and vegetables are essential to living full healthy and enjoyable life. Naturally, while on the road, vegetables may be more difficult to snack on. But still, you can opt for sliced veggies, putting them in a container with a few ice packs. Always remember to bring that pack of sliced fruit every time. Or if you wound up in some convenience store, get yourself a piece or two of those apples, oranges, and bananas!


3. Opt for whole-grain foods

If ever you’re stuck in traffic somewhere you might as well run off to the convenience store to “refuel.” But! The rule is to choose the better option when left with so few choices. Opt for whole-grain, may it be bread, crackers, or pretzels, or get yourself one of those on-the-go snack bars or trail mixes rich in nuts, fruits, and grains.

Instead of going for the usual fried and grease-laden breakfast, choose the smarter and healthier option instead. Oat Parfaits, chia puddings, or quinoa bowl are also good choices to bring with you and skip the onboard or on-the-road foods altogether.

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4. Never compromise on meals

Sometimes, pit stops are just not possible if you’re excited about that getaway. And a pit stop may just be a quick visit to the restroom or a trip to the snack counter with chips and sodas in your basket. But remember, traveling does not mean you can just eat whatever you want! Do as you do at home, and take those three important meals. Never compromise your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You may not have time to cook, but you can always go for a full veggie=packed meal found along the way. You can get salads, a whole-wheat bread sandwich, or treat yourself to a smart, healthy meal in your hotel when you arrive. An even better idea is to pack up those meals before leaving home! Quinoa, buckwheat, bulgur, whole wheat pasta or rice veggie bowls are a great and easy dish to take along. A healthy avocado or grilled chicken and veggies sandwich works too.

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5. Plan ahead

Doing advanced planning on what food to eat while traveling is key to not spending for that overpriced coffee and pastry in that expensive airport cafe. Research thoroughly to know what you can or cannot bring on the trip, as well as food stops during your travel that will help you eat healthily. Surely, there’s bound be to be one or two restos and nearby groceries that can provide you with good, nutritious meals.


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Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



Amy Goodrich

Amy Goodrich


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