Serving up cheap healthy meals is often considered to be quite a challenge for many. Eating healthy has become more of a luxury than the norm. The food industry has commercialized healthy eating with a host of food items that are produced to help reduce the risks of illnesses and diseases. What most consumers have to realize, however, is that it does not necessarily have to cost a lot to prepare and eat healthy meals. There are cheap healthy dinners tricks that even busy individuals can easily pull off.

What most consumers have to realize, however, is that it does not necessarily have to cost a lot to prepare and eat healthy meals. There are cheap healthy dinners tricks that even busy individuals can easily pull off.


What People Think about Healthy Food


A Nielsen study in 2010 revealed that taste, availability, time, and cost are some of the primary reasons why people do not choose healthier options when it comes to food. Five years after, global studies by the same agency showed a more positive consumer pulse for the health food industry.

Many of the supermarket brands have already joined the bandwagon and have launched healthy “versions” of their traditional product lines. Despite the greater acceptance and demand for these food products, the prices a fraction higher than their regular counterparts.

For people who want to stretch their budget a little further, the choice, unfortunately, comes down to those with lower price tags. These are often those laden with artificial flavorings and preservatives. You do not necessarily have to settle for these food items and chuck your bid for healthier eating just because you are worried about the cost.

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A Few Cheap Healthy Dinners Tricks to Put Up Your Sleeve


It’s not an incredulous idea. Eating healthy does not require you to burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, you are more likely to drain your bank account when you get sick because of your unhealthy diet and lifestyle. What you need to do is to be more prudent about your food choices. Here are some tricks to help you serve up pocket-friendly healthy food to your family:


1.       Scope out your food sources

There surely is a source of healthy food in your area. Find it. You need to familiarize yourself with your local produce retailer, the organic food store, and the farmer’s market among others. Knowing where these food sources are located will allow you to plan your regular grocery or market day properly.

You cannot use the “I can’t find it in the supermarket” excuse. If you really want to have cheap healthy dinners, a little bit of effort to check out these places won’t hurt. These places might even be closer to your home or workplace.

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2.       Make a meal plan

Going impromptu for your family’s dinner is not recommended at all.  You might not have all the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator. That’s another convenient excuse for you to use and justify reaching for the phone and punching in the number of your favorite fast food delivery. Make a meal plan for the week and stick to it.

This will get you organized in terms of stocking your pantry too. You are less likely to waste your budget grabbing food items that you will not use when you know exactly what you need for the week. With the meals all written down, you can review your meal plan and tweak it in terms of variations to make the meals more exciting for your family


3.       Try “make-aheads” and “take twos”

These are time-saving cheap healthy dinners tricks. If time is a problem for you during weekdays, you can try preparing your healthy dinners during the weekend and then freeze them. When you get home, you can simply pop the night’s dinner into the microwave or freshen it up by finishing it on the stovetop (for the microwave-less people just like us).

You can also make a big batch of a meal that can be served as is on the first night and then rehashed into another dish on the next night. A simple example would be oven roasted root vegetables. Serve up half the veggies on the same night and use the other half to make a Buddha bowl or roasted veggies salad for the next night’s cheap healthy dinner.

When you make use of these three simple tricks on a regular basis, you will soon develop the habit of preparing and serving cheap healthy dinners for your family. Experiment with natural flavors and spices to make healthy food even more appetizing. With delicious and healthy meals at home, you won’t want to eat out anymore. Believe me!

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Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



Amy Goodrich

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