Everyone dreams of feasting on fresh food made from produce harvested from their very own gardens — especially if it’s summer. But what if you only have a small balcony to grow plants in, plus very little knowledge about gardening? Andrea Bellamy, the author of “Small-Space Vegetable Gardens,” is an expert who can help.

Below are some crops, herbs, and produce that you can easily plant to start growing your very own balcony vegetable garden. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to become an instant gardener with only very limited space.

Plant these now so you can enjoy them later this year!


1. Salad greens

These easily grow in the cooler, wetter seasons, but also thrive well on hot days. Bellamy suggests planting greens and lettuce from seeds instead of from starts because it is cheaper; plus, you will get to have access to more varieties of lettuce, including heritage types. Most salad greens do well in hanging pots on your balcony. Arugula for instance… very delicious and easy to grow in containers.


2. Kale

These are hearty, nutritious, and most kale varieties are easy to grow and will do well in big pots on your balcony.


3. Fresh herbs

Aside from adding lots of flavor to food, they also repel pests while attracting beneficial insects. “They’re an all-star plant,” says Bellamy. Chives and other types of fresh herbs are easy to grow in pots and tiny spaces. They’re the ideal addition to your balcony vegetable garden.

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4. Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes are always great, but they can be challenging to maintain during damp weather. To successfully grow tomatoes, Bellamy suggests planting them in large pots and placing them under an awning so you can control the water. Keep its leaves dry and expose them to plenty of sunshine.


5. Potatoes

Each year, Bellamy plants Siegland potatoes for their rich, buttery taste — “They’re to die for.” She recommends choosing from a variety of potatoes that you don’t easily see in stores. Potatoes don’t require giving up lots of space as you can grow spuds by planting them in tall containers and special “grow bags” designed especially for potatoes.


6. Zucchini

Zucchinis are so easy to grow that you will find yourself leaving your harvest surplus to the porches of your neighbors. You can never have too much zucchini. According to Bellamy, there is actually a National “Leave A Zucchini On Your Neighbor’s Porch” Day. Zucchinis love the heat from the full sun and will give you bountiful. You can pick varieties suited to tiny spaces or use a container that is large enough (47 quarts) as these veggies tend to take up lots of space.


7. Radishes

Radishes germinate from seeds in just 3 days and in a few weeks, they are ready for your consumption and enjoyment!


8. Beans

The summer season’s tail end is the ideal time for planting peas because these don’t particularly do well in the heat, says Bellamy. She suggests planting beans instead, such as filet beans, string beans, and the like. “Push in a bean and you’ll have a sprout in a few days,” Bellamy quips. For small spaces, plant “bush” varieties.

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9. Strawberries

Bellamy says planting this perennial plant now may get you only a few berries this year, but you can expect scrumptious returns for the next year. Some varieties do very well in hanging pots.


If you’re planning to have a picnic or barbecue later this summer season, you need to build your own balcony vegetable garden now. What’s best is that they will be fresh and healthy from your very own garden.


If you have any experience with planting fruits and vegs in small spaces or balconies, please share your thoughts and favorite plants with us in the comment box below. 


Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful. Until next time!



Amy Goodrich

Amy Goodrich


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