Red Beet Hummus with Black Sesame Seed Tahini
An antioxidant-packed twist on the regular hummus. Packed with flavor and good-for-you nutrients, this hummus variation has become my family’s healthy snack favorite. Also yummy on toast as a healthy lunch or breakfast option.
For the veggie sticks
For the red beet hummus
  1. Toast black sesame seeds in a dry pan until fragrant.
  2. Blend toasted seeds and olive oil in a small food processor or blender to make a paste. I like to keep a crunch in my tahini, so I did not blend until a smooth paste. But if that is what you like… keep blending until smooth!
  3. For the hummus: combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth texture.
  4. Seve with veggie sticks.
Recipe Notes

Many of us buy canned chickpeas because of the long soaking and cooking times. But did you know that you could soak and cook a big batch and freeze them for later use? Click here for more info (there’s also a quick cooking method in there if you forgot to soak the chickpeas overnight)

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